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Cute Cat Paws Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

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The Cat Paws Ring is handmade from 925 Sterling Silver, and its lovely design will be sure to bring a smile to any cat lover. Let this cutie cuddle you everywhere you go! Four colors available: the original silver, white, pink, and black. Choose your favorite or get them all! 
  • 2016 Newly Released Colorful Version
  • Open End and Adjustable Ring
  • 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Estimated Shipping Time:  Delivered within 7-14 days in U.S.A. 


To show good product detail, jewelry pictures often viewed larger than real life. Please see the product information below to get a better idea of the actual size. 

Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Weight: 1.5 g
Size: Open End and Adjustable




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